Hybrid events: what are they, how to make them and why. All the answers you were looking for in this short article that ultimately reveals the best web platform to manage and organise your hybrid & virtual events.


Hybrid events combine the flexibility and ease of online events with the drive, features and networking of live events. A viable alternative that made it possible, during the pandemic, to continue organising and running events while respecting distances and from then on establishing itself as a new format in the events world.

I. What is a hybrid event

A hybrid event is an event that combines elements of the online with the offline. Guests can attend the event in person or digitally, depending on their location or preference. Hybrid events can include components such as live presentations, interactive sessions, Q&As, networking sessions and more. These elements are combined to create an engaging and immersive experience for guests attending live as well as those attending online.

Word from the expert

“The hybrid mode has become the norm. Hybrid events are in fact the majority of events. Just think that almost all congresses adopt a dual registration mode by default: on-site and online. This differentiates the participation costs, which vary according to the duration, even partial, of event membership. This is why the world of virtual is now a must for any type of event.”

Chiara Francalanci Virtual Specialist Event | Tecnoconference

II. Advantages

What is a hybrid event

The success of hybrid events is now undeniable. How come? Read now about these 5 incredible advantages:

1. Global accessibility

Hybrid events allow you to reach a global audience, regardless of location or travel restrictions. this means you can engage customers, partners and other stakeholders wherever they are in the world.

2. Flexibility

Hybrid events offer greater flexibility than live or online events. guests can choose to attend the event in person or online, depending on their location or preference. in addition, accessing the event content online and on a delayed basis at any time and in any location allows all guests to actively participate in the event even if not present in person.

3. Engage

Hybrid events harness technology to ensure an immersive and engaging experience for all participants. the combination of live and online interactions creates a unique momentum that encourages active participation. this increases engagement and connection with the audience and helps build more lasting relationships.

4. Data analysis

Hybrid events offer the possibility to collect and analyse data on participation and guest behaviour. this helps to better understand the audience and identify opportunities to improve marketing strategies for all future events.

5. Green

Hybrid events are eco-friendly, the organisation and production of the event can be managed in an all-digital and paperless manner: from remote technical rehearsals, remote directions, registrations, helpdesk, marketing activities; to the possibility of managing contracts and paperless releases with a focus on reducing carbon emissions.

Hybrid events also make it possible to embrace the ‘0-flight‘ policy and with the use of local suppliers, both in Italy and the rest of the world, it is possible to greatly reduce the Co2 impact.

An innovative approach that results in cutting unnecessary costs and the possibility of reinvesting in the content portfolio.

Your event becomes interactive

A range of features to make your event interactive and engaging.

Services that make your event interactive
  • Projection Management System | SLIDEbit

  • Platform for remote contribution uploading | SENDbit
  • Native iOS & Android APP | APPevent tool
  • Software for viewing pdf, audio and video contributions | Eposter
  • E-learning platform | EDUbit
  • Access control suite | CHECKbit

  • Remote speaker testing platform | MEETthespeaker

III. How to organise a hybrid event

To organize a successful hybrid event, you will need to:


It’s vital to define the goals of your hybrid event before you start planning it. This will help you identify the key elements and features required to create an engaging and immersive experience for all participants.


There are many platforms available for creating hybrid events. Choose a platform that offers the features and customisation options you need to achieve your goals, as well as a high degree of flexibility in the interactive modules available and good value for money.


The programme is the most important part of your hybrid event. Make sure it is engaging and interactive, with the right mix of live presentations, interactive sessions, Q&A and short talks designed for better online enjoyment.


Make sure you promote the event properly to reach your target audience. Use social media, email marketing and other marketing strategies to promote the event and invite guests to attend.


After your event, it is important to monitor and review the results. Analyse data on attendance and participant behaviour to pinpoint better opportunities for future hybrid events. Use this information to improve the quality and effectiveness of your organisation and marketing strategies.

In short, hybrid events represent a unique opportunity for companies to reach a wider audience, build lasting relationships with their audience and improve their effectiveness in creating events. With the right planning and the use of the right technologies, hybrid events can be a success for both the companies and their participants.

IV. The LIVEbit hybrid event platform

The LIVEbit hybrid event platform

Choosing the right platform for a hybrid event decides its success. Here at Tecnoconference, with our in-house software Meetbit, we have created a proprietary platform capable of reproducing every phase of the in-person event, offering services that enhance the enjoyment of content and enable full participation of its online and offline audience.

We are talking about LIVEbit, a unique platform for virtual and hybrid events, modular and innovative, which combines the features of an in-presence event with those of an online event. A platform designed by a team familiar with the dynamics of event management, the operational needs of clients, the sponsor’s requests and the audience’s expectations.

We provide a virtual specialist team dedicated to the design and customisation of the web platform and the graphic design and editing of content. A dedicated technical team takes care of the technical direction with the broadcasting of content and the management of hi-res streaming. The service also includes the optional modules that can be enabled: the creation of the event APP, online registrations, the collection of speaker and sponsor materials, the creation of a virtual exhibition area and, last but not least, interactive applications such as live chat, gamification, Q&A and polling that guarantee an exclusive experience for those in attendance and inclusive for those who live it online.

LIVEbit supports any type of event such as association congresses, institutional conferences, corporate events, webinars, fad and training events and enhances its features thanks to the additional innovative tools in the Meetbit software suite.

And with guaranteed assistance before, during and after the event, you can be assured of a hybrid event without any surprises.

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