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  • G20 Roma Nuvola 2021-1
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  • G20 Napoli Palazzo Reale 2021


The G20 is the institutional event of a lifetime. Arguably one of the highest organisational efforts conceivable when we talk about this type of event. In 2021, there were many meetings at this major event. Six and a half months of talks, from the first preliminary ministerial conferences to the big summit on 30 and 31 October in Rome.

The event was full of organisational and technical challenges, which were successfully met thanks to the close partnership between Tecnoconference, the Technology Partner, and Pomilio Blumm, the organising agency that followed almost all the aspects of the project and its single meetings. Studio 80 Group was the client for the closing summit in Rome, at the Conference Center “La Nuvola” and the Palazzo dei Congressi in the EUR.

10.000+ complessivi
HD video shooting, On-site audio and video, Scenic lighting, Simultaneous Interpretation, Simultaneous translation, Streaming
Event, Istituzionale, Meetbit, Tecnoconference



Technology, yes, but a decisive human element. The team of engineers involved in the G20 has proven yet again that the human factor is crucial, a person, a specialist, at the service of a complex and demanding programme. Once again, our engineers, our staff, made the difference, ensuring the perfect outcome of the project.


Time is an indicator of the efforts and dedication that TC Group invested in this meeting. An event spread in both space and time, with many different locations throughout the country and many different requirements to be considered.


Halls managed at the same time in Rome, for the Summit of Heads of State and Government, in two locations, the Conference Center “La Nuvola” and the Palazzo dei Congressi in EUR.


Guaranteed at the G20 Health Ministerial Meeting in Rome at the Campidoglio and the Capitoline Museums.

Challenge. This was the defining word of the G20. Many challenges were faced and won. We have set up beautiful premises all over Italy. From the Royal Palace in Naples to the Museums in Rome, just to mention two examples. Unique, prestigious and sensitive venues in every way. It has also been difficult to communicate from a technical point of view with in-house staff who are used to a completely different kind of work. With patience, experience, commitment and expertise, we achieved the expected results.

A further challenge was to bring consistency to the experience of Speakers in person and speakers connected remotely. This is perhaps a “classic” challenge in hybrid events, but in this case it added further complexities. The speakers were all Heads of State or Government. We succeeded in ensuring that all could truly “enjoy the moment“, even and especially those far away. Our interpreting service was also essential.



TC Group unisce esperienza e competenze di più aziende che lavorano in sinergia, come un unico partner. L’affidabilità dei format tecnologici di Tecnoconference. L’innovazione dei software di Meetbit. La progettualità e i contenuti di Kardo.
Tre anime in costante sintonia e in continua evoluzione, sempre pronte a trovare le migliori soluzioni per eventi, installazioni, formazione e branding.
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