Software for digital visualization of posters

The E-poster software allows the storage and viewing of multimedia content during any type of event: either on touch screens or (in the browser version) on the web or APP. It represents a paperless, intuitive and all-round display option for all participants.

Meetbit event management software



The software allows the search and display of Poster contributions and scientific documentation at congress and corporate events. It allows intuitive sharing and navigation.


The new version of the 2023 software, includes the latest market requirements and enables also other functions:

  • The breakdown into categories and subcategories so as to allow maximum ACCESSIBILITY for users
  • The display of videos, audio comments and image galleries in addition to the pdf format

  • An integrated messaging system

To align the display of contributions to the event graphics, the software allows all layouts to be customised

Your event becomes interactive

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    Experience has taught us that the breakdown of scientific data always follows different rules depending on the specific discipline. This is why our search criteria include many types of data, which can be activated or not, as required.


    Increasingly, posters are paperless and have multimedia content, so our E-poster software supports all formats: PDF, audio, video and images. It is also possible, for each type, to set the best combination of these formats, making each paper an real overview of the author’s work, with audio commentary, accompanying explanation videos and possible image galleries.


    Interactivity is guaranteed by the user’s ability to leave comments on the poster or contact the author directly, as well as the opportunity to open a vote on the content displayed.



Organising sustainable events is a growing priority for companies and organisers. With the advent of technology, events can be planned and managed without excessive use of paper, reducing environmental impact, wastage of natural resources and optimising efficiency. Our E-poster software also contributes to making the event sustainable in both its totem and web-based versions.

INTEGRATION with third-party tools

Our software is optimised for touch monitors (both horizontally and vertically oriented) and naturally integrated with our APP and the LIVEbit event platform, but it can also be displayed via web based module on web pages or within the customer’s APP or WEBSITE.


As is the case with all software in our Suite, the e-poster module also provides various options to provide exposure for sponsoring companies via customisable layouts.

In short, our software for displaying digital content at events provides an engaging and interactive experience for participants. With a wide range of features and customisation options, it is easy to install and configure. We stock totems and touch screen devices and ensure compatibility with your existing equipment.


Our expert staff is here to help you find the best software for managing your events, conventions and conferences.