Case History



Fully held online, from 11 to 14 April, the 2021 edition of the European Society of Hypertension’s (ESH) Annual Meeting took place side to side with the International Society of Hipertension’s (ISH). The winning duo composed by AIM Group International Full PCO, charged with the event planning and  TC Group , the congress Technology Partner, confirmed itself once again. In addition, of course, to its scientific point of view, the virtual event offered many organizative insights, indeed tied to technology, but also very useful to all the event organizers. Hereby listed as summary:

  • ·        Management of 7 parallel virtual rooms, with as many  a/v management booths and dedicated editing workstations. The installations of these co-ordination centres involved the employment of three warehouses, granting 120+ pc desks dedicated to video producion  and 50+ operators.

    ·         130+ hours of live streaming in 4 days, trying the best to design and implement original and enjoyable formats, video introductions, animations and real information announcements during the live stream, all dedicated to the whole event as well as the single speech. TC Group has been able to manage and coordinate all the creative process just like an integrated communications agency, a creative HUB dedicated to the event and capable of also handling the Video making and Graphics, designing interactive and innovative layouts for the Newsletter as well as Facebook and Linkedin posts. The live streaming also had a multi-language option, thanks to English/Chinese translators connected from three nations (United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy)

    ·         118 live streamed sessions with just 5 being pre-recorded but live managed, followed by the speaker’s presence in the Q&A session.

    ·         700+ questions discussed and managed throughout the event with an average of  30+ question per hour of live streaming and 35 hours of scientific on-demand contents published every day.


The event also showed that the implementation of an on-line broadcasting is capable of widely spread the number of partecipants all around the globe. The previous event’s edition, which happened in-person, registered a total number of 3000+ partecipants. In this edition, however, the on-line subscriptions and the total number of presences  have been 5400+ with 1000+ partecipants aged over 35 and with an exponential growth of partecipants from India and other countries which can harldy afford financially heavy travels to europe.The future of events is bound to become more and more hybrid, allowing both the on-site experience, as soon as safely possibile, and the on-line one, inevitably reaching a broader audience.

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