Esof 2020 EuroScience Open Forum took place in Trieste from 2 to 6 September 2020. We could define it as the quintessential hybrid event. A container of wisdom and expertise centred on Science and Innovation coupled with the universal value of environmental and economic sustainability.

Tecnoconference’s Technological Partnership ensured the full potential of the event’s hybrid formula, incorporating and mixing on-site technology with on-line solutions. Because the hybrid event, the so-called hybrid experience, is much more than the concurrent running of an event in a real venue and its simple online use. In this aspect, Esof 2020 demonstrated the real potential of the interaction between the real and the virtual that should always distinguish the creation of a ”hybrid event”.

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An international hybrid event able to develop 70 events available on-line and on-site, 70 events online only and 10 events available at the event venue, the Trieste Conference Center, a “content container” launched to host Esof 2020.


Guest speakers from every corner of the world, including two Nobel Prize winners. Well-known names such as Ilaria Capua, Giuseppe Conte, the Prime Minister in office at the time, and the Director of CERN in Geneva, Fabiola Giannotti. Tecnoconference has ” taken by the hand” and led this ” competence mix” which resulted in a true information festival.

With the use of our Event Tool App and our Livebit Platform dedicated to online events, Esof 2020 was a true example of how a hybrid event should and can be run. In addition to its global content, the Forum was a benchmark for Event Managers and all professionals involved in organising events.

The ESOF2020 event has been over for a few weeks now and we would like to express our appreciation for the work done at this event. Your commitment, both in the pre-Covid stages and when it became apparent that the event would be postponed for a few months, was always highly competent. We greatly appreciated your counsel and help in finding the best solutions to organise the most successful hybrid conference in such a short timeframe. The quality of the equipment, the utmost skill of the entire team, the technical expertise and the people skills, the understanding and willingness to go the extra mile to imagine new management formulas, produced an international conference of 170 hybrid sessions using traditional audio-video systems and new online solutions that always worked very well and were highly appreciated by all our stakeholders. ESOF2020 was a success also and above all thanks to your commitment and professionalism. TC Group has proven to be a solid, serious, professional company with a present and future full of opportunitiesPresident and PM ESOF 2020



TC Group unisce esperienza e competenze di più aziende che lavorano in sinergia, come un unico partner. L’affidabilità dei format tecnologici di Tecnoconference. L’innovazione dei software di Meetbit. La progettualità e i contenuti di Kardo.
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