In March 2023, the Italian Air Force celebrated an important milestone: its 100th anniversary. Many events were scheduled for the celebrations, including the Aerospace Power Conference, held on 12th and 13th May 2023 at the Rome Convention Center La Nuvola.

An expected institutional event in which we participated as the EUR S.p.A. Technological Partner through the communication agency Pomilio Blumm. The event has registered an exceptional number of attendees, with 1500 participants from all over the world, prominent military and civilian figures, government, academic, commercial and industrial organizations.

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The International Convention promoted by the Italian Air Force to take stock of the state of the art and future developments of the entire aerospace industry, was enriched by a large exhibition area with stands, fun activities and information centres that we have made particularly attractive with the design and installation of an immersive led tunnel (made with Truss for a diameter of 5.30 meters and a length of 6mt) with automation for audio and lighting sync. A unique creative installation that has been very successful for its strong emotional impact.


48 technicians for a team responsible of the audio services and video direction for the management of the cameras, graphic contributions on the ledwall and streaming of the event. We also managed the simultaneous translation services with BOSCH technology, to ensure maximum inclusivity and participation to foreign guests. The design phase has been expertly handled by the Technical Project Manager and the Sales Manager, in coordination with the operational contacts of the agency.

We are happy to have contributed to the success of the event and proud to have celebrated together the past and the glorious future of this great national institution.

Video contribution from the official Air Force page



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