Comparing paths. Italgas meets Federica Brignone” is a docu-spot produced by NEXT Group for Italgas.

Written, directed, shot and edited by TC Group, the video documents the meeting between the CEO of Italgas and the world ski champion Federica Brignone, in a debate at an altitude of 3000 meters, on Mont Blanc.

Italgas‘s Linkedin profile states that “Sustainability is a game to be won. As in any competition, it is crucial to set goals, to train and commit daily with a team dedicated to achieving these goals. These issues and aims emerged in the discussion between our CEO, Paolo Gallo, and the ski champion Federica Brignone. Passion, teamwork, training and enthusiasm are the keys to business and sport success which, together with an spirit of adventure and technology, can make the difference in the common challenge to protect the planet.



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