Case History

IFCC “Virtual Conference” 2021


With the careful guidance of the MZ Congressi's organizing secretariat, and with the technological partnership of Tc Group, IFCC (International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine) took place entirely on-line from 15 to 17 february 2021, this Global conference on Covid-19 centered around the critical role of the clinycal labs on the current pandemic caused by the virus, a subject of hard hitting relevance. From a production point of view, some of the features and peculiarities of this on-line event, can be very useful to all event organizers looking to optimize performance in the design and organization of virtual and hybrid events.

These points of tought originate from an unavoidabile base floor. The organizing secretariat must count on a symbiotic collaboration with his technology partner. This implies Human relationships have a central role. Before, after and during the event, the will to constantly cooperate with Tc Group's Technical Staff, allowed MZ Congressi to orchestrate the congress to its best, granting a fluid design flow and a fisiologically natural achievement of objectives. This union of the two companies has been further expanded in the shared choice to not create an informative website about the congress, instead choosing on the full implementation of the Livebit platform . This platform made possible the enjoyment of the live streaming speeches and their on-demand availability, the visiting of sponsor's virtual stands , viewing e-posters and allowing audience to download the event's full programme. Therefore this choice optimized the client's resouces and made possible to maximize the communicative efficency of this virtual event's contents.


 Crucial as always, in virtual events, the live streaming performance in the informative sessionsThe strength of the connection allowed the attendees a full spectrum enjoyment of the speaker's presentations. Seems granted, but it's not always like that expecially when clients entrust themselves in "DIY" solutions while the public comes, like in this case, from all over the world. In fact, 2700+ partecipants watching from 118 states (1500+ were young scientists). Speakers connected were 116, from 34 nationsIntrestingly data points to the fact that 85% of the partecipants felt "very" or "extremely" easy the usage of our new platform, Livebit.
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